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Utica Curling Club offers "Try Curling" events several times each season. Come see what curling is all about! Upcoming events are listed on the homepage. Questions about membership? Contact our Membership Coordinator. Questions about dues? Contact the Assistant Treasurer.

We have different membership classes to fit your budget and curling needs. (See below.) Curling is very affordable, about $10 per game if you curl twice a week. New members get a discounted, introductory rate for the first two years. Your dues include membership in the Grand National Curling Club (our regional curling association), participant liability/supplemental accident insurance, and U.S. Women's Curling Association membership, if applicable.

2023-2024 Membership Form

Use this membership form if remitting dues by mail and paying by check.

Membership application forms for returning members are due no later than October 1. Full payment is required.

New members should submit forms and payment no later than October 21 to ensure league placement.  All members joining for the second half of the season (January-March) should submit membership applications and payment as early as possible in December to ensure preferred league placement.

All members must complete Participant Release forms (see below).

Online Dues Payment

Use this online form if remitting dues by credit card, Paypal, or Venmo. All prices include a credit card processing fee. Participant release and Declaration of Compliance forms can be completed online at the time of remittance.

Health & Safety Policy

Participant Release Forms

A signed participant release form is required for all on-ice (curling) membership privileges. Please return this the appropriate release form with your membership application and payment unless you have already done so as a part of online registration.

USA Curling Membership

You may optionally become a member of USA Curling, the national governing body of curling in the U.S. Individual membership is required to participate in USA Curling sponsored events.

Member Classes and Dues

Listed amounts here are for payment by cash or check. Amounts for online payment include a processing fee and total prices are listed in parentheses.

First Year - First Half $170 ($179)

First Year - Second Half  $170 ($179)

First Year - Full Year  $340 ($357)

Second Year - Full Year  $425 ($446)

Adult  $515 ($540)

Associate  $425 ($446)

Fall Season only  $315 ($331)

Spring Season only  $420 ($441)

Non-Resident > 100  $160 ($168)

Junior  $75 ($79)

College  $75 ($79)

Plate Glass Plus  $350 ($368)

Plate Glass  $75 ($79)