The Charbonneau is an annual competition consisting of two leagues. Teams are formed for each league by the chair from the pool of curlers who have signed up for the leagues. The schedule each week is formed by pairing highest two ranked teams from a league, the next two highest ranked teams, and so on... Play is governed by the U.S. Curling Association Rules, except for scoring. Each game is scored as follows: 5 points for winning the game, 1 point for each end taken (1/2 point for each team for blank ends), and 1/4 point for each stone scored. No points are scored for extra ends, other than those awarded to the winner of the game. Total accumulated points will determine team rankings each week. The top two teams from each night will play off for the championship.

  • When: first half, Monday 8:00 pm, Tuesday 5:45 pm

  • Chair: Mike Kessler

Current Standings

2021 Charbonneau Standings

Current Champions

2021 Champions: Bill Sewell (S), Jason Golubski (V), Kory Buckley (2, sub for Mike Hurd), Dave Preznya (L)

Previous Winners

  • 2021: Bill Sewell, Jason Golubski, Mike Hurd, Dave Preznya

  • 2020: closed

  • 2019: Bill Morehouse, Duanne Farr, Brian Levi, Adam McClain

  • 2018: Bill Sewell, Justin Schmidt, Korey Buckley, Tim Hansen

  • 2017: Tom Clark, Mike Semeraro, Don DeCarr, Jim Sankey

  • 2016: Conrad Law, Phil Citriniti, Stu Card, Allan Powers

  • 2015: Bill Morehouse, Mike Sexton, Doug Smith, Jeff Gornick

  • 2014: Tom Clark, Mike Semeraro, Don Decarr, Ed Novak

  • 2013: Kevin Stevens, Jerry Stevens, Mike DeGironimo, Walter Czupryna

  • 2012: Roger Rowlett, Jerry Stevens, Gary White II, Ben Gaetano

  • 2011: Conrad Law, Howard Feldman, Joe Cosentino, Joe Usyk

  • 2010: Jim Gleason, Jr., Charlie Schatz, Jim Revenaugh, Ben Gaetano*

  • 2009: Scott Lent, Tom Platt Jr, Tom Platt Sr, John Sullivan

  • 2008: Tom Clark, John Jacon, Ian Clark, Jim Revenaugh

  • 2007: Paul Giovannone, Chuck DelMonte, Bob Belouin, Joe Gaebel

  • 2006: Mike Kessler, Paul MacEnroe, Gary Olivella, Eric Pschigoda*

  • 2005: Pat Costello, Fred Hicks, Charie Knox, Joe Puleo, Sr.

  • 2004: Dave Palazzoli, Howard Feldman, Tom Platt, Jr, Allan Smiley

  • 2003: Mike Kessler, Paul MacEnroe, Doug Pens, Allan Smiley

* first year curler indicated when known