Printable Forms

Click on the title of the form to open it as a PDF file.

  • This form is required by the Minnesota Department of Education and must be updated every semester you register. It must be signed by you, your parent or guardian if you are under 18 years of age, and your high school counselor.

  • This provides the PSEO Office with high school information and outlines your remaining high school graduation requirements. This form must be completed every semester by your high school counselor.

  • Use this form for reimbursement for required course packets, books, and consumable supplies that are not available through the Coffman Union Scholarship Desk.
  • See the Reimbursements page for more details.

  • Use this form to request course additions after the third week of classes, to drop classes after the tenth week of classes, or other petition types.
  • See the Registration & Cancellation page for more details.

Online Forms

Click on the title of the form to open it in your browser.

Some forms are only open during certain times of the year; the PSEO Office will send information and links to these forms when they become active.

  • Complete this form to request one of the following changes to your enrollment:
    • DECLINE: Cancel involvement with the PSEO program for the upcoming semester and all future semesters.
    • DEFER: Defer enrollment in the upcoming semester. PSEO students may defer one semester at a time.
  • See the Enrollment Status page for more details.

Book Reissue Request Form

  • Some courses such as Calculus and Spanish use the same textbooks for two separate courses in a sequence. If you are taking a course that requires the use of the same required textbook for the next course in the sequence, you can request that the books be reissued to you for another semester. (For example, Math 1271 Calculus 1 uses the same textbook for Math 1272 Calculus 2.)
  • At the end of each term, an e-mail will be sent from the PSEO Office describing the process to request a book to be reissued.

PSEO Summer Term Activation Request Form

  • PSEO funds do not cover May term or summer term courses. Complete this form if you wish to pay out-of-pocket for May term or summer term courses.
  • The PSEO Office will send an e-mail notice each spring with information about May and summer term courses and a link to this form.

WRIT 1301 Enrollment Request Form

  • WRIT 1301 "University Writing" or "Freshman Writing" only allows PSEO students to enroll in a few PSEO-reserved seats before the semester starts.
  • Due to the course's high demand and limited number of PSEO-reserved seats, the PSEO Office handles the enrollment of its students into WRIT 1301. PSEO students may not take non-PSEO-reserved seats before the start of the semester even if they are open.
  • In May and December when registration for PSEO students opens, students can fill out a form to request enrollment in WRIT 1301. The PSEO Office will also send a reminder e-mail prior to registration each semester.
  • See the WRIT 1301 page for more details.