PSEO Student Handbook

Welcome to the U of M Twin Cities PSEO Student Handbook!

The PSEO Student Handbook is your #1 resource for all things PSEO. The information found in the handbook is designed to help guide you through your time in our program, whether that is a single semester or a full two years.

Bookmark and read though this handbook carefully. This is the first place you should check to answer any PSEO questions you might have.


All PSEO students will successfully transition into the U of M's community and rigorous academic environment, achieve academic success, and use the experience to accomplish their post-high school goals.


The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities admits Minnesota high school juniors and seniors who show academic preparedness for accelerated coursework and supports them as they transition to a rigorous university curriculum. We are driven to help our students succeed by providing proactive communication and comprehensive student services, including orientation and academic advising, while preparing them for their post-high school experience


PSEO Students are expected to…

  • Take ownership of their PSEO experience
  • Reach out for support when they have PSEO, U of M, or course questions
  • Know where to find details about PSEO and U of M policies and procedures
  • Understand the challenges and benefits of PSEO
  • Track high school graduation requirements through regular contact with their high school counselor
  • Understand and develop the Core PSEO Success Skills
  • Know the factors that affect class selection (e.g. course rigor, course prerequisites, placement tests)
  • Create class schedules using MyU and Schedule Builder
  • Utilize the resources available to explore and define their academic, career, and personal goals
  • Track liberal education requirements if bound for the U of M

PSEO Academic Advisors are expected to…

  • Foster a climate that respects diversity and creates a culture of inclusion
  • Respond to students within two business days
  • Guide students on navigating high school requirements in conjunction with their high school counselor
  • Know the U of M major and liberal education requirements
  • Know the U of M and PSEO policies and procedures
  • Support students in meeting their academic, career, and personal goals
  • Refer students to appropriate campus resources to support their academic, emotional, and social well being
  • Assist students in developing the Core PSEO Success Skills