Part 3B: Installing the Custom IOS for VC WAD Injection

If you've decided to use WAD injection to play the randomized ROM, you need to decide if you're playing in Japanese or English. There is a different set of steps to do the actual WAD injection for each one due to differences in the way the VC WADs were made. However, no matter which language you're using, you must install a custom hacked operating system (cIOS) for your Wii in order to perform the WAD injection. This page details the simplest process for doing this, and you only have to do this once if you haven't done it before. The instructions are taken from the Complete Softbrew Guide here:


Step 1: Download the custom IOS files (Optional)

If your Wii is offline and cannot connect to Wifi (or if you have problems with performing an internet installation as I did for unknown reasons), you need to download the custom IOS files beforehand on your PC. It's probably safest to just do this option anyway.

    • Download the NUS Downloader program from here:

    • Unzip the NUS Downloader and run it.

    • Make sure the Pack WAD option is checked (it's unchecked by default).

    • Click on the Database... button and navigate to the following files, and press Start NUS Download for each one:

    • IOS -> IOS56 -> v5661

    • IOS -> IOS57 -> v5918

    • Open the folder where you unzipped the downloader to. You should see a folder inside called titles. Inside this folder are two more folders:

    • 0000000100000038

    • 0000000100000039

    • In each folder, there is another folder for the version you just downloaded. Open this version folder and find the following WAD file:

    • 0000000100000038 -> 5661 -> IOS56-64-v5661.wad

    • 0000000100000039 -> 5918 -> IOS57-64-v5918.wad

    • Copy both WAD files to the root of the SD card.

Step 2: Download the d2x cIOS Installer

Step 3: Install the custom IOS on your Wii

    • Insert the SD card into your Wii, start up the Homebrew Channel, and select the d2x cIOS Installer. Wait for the app to load and hit A to reach the main menu.

    • We're going to now install two cIOSes that should allow you to run 99% of any homebrew or backups you want, and will work fine for our WAD injection. The first one is as follows:

      • Your cursor should be on the d2x version number at the top. Change the version to v10 beta53-alt using the D-PAD (left/right).

      • Move down, and change the IOS Base to 56.

      • Move down again, and change the IOS slot to 249. In some cases it may warn you that the current (c)IOS or stub will be overwritten. You can ignore this warning.

      • Move down once more, and change the revision to 65535. This is optional, but it is used by the Wii when checking updates and this prevents the Wii from overwriting it during an update. There are most likely never going to be any more updates, but just in case...

      • Press A to continue. You will land on an overview with the available cIOS slots. The slot you just selected should be blinking. Several other slots may be highlighted in red or purple, depending on your console and possible previous softmods.

      • Press A to start the installation. It may take a while, especially for the online installation.

      • Once it finishes, you will land on another IOS overview screen. Your freshly installed cIOS should be highlighted in a green color. Press the A button to go back to the configuration screen.

    • Next, we want to configure the second cIOS. This isn't used for the WAD injection, but it is useful for loading backups so we may as well install it. This time, use the following settings:

      • d2x version: v10 beta52

      • cIOS base: 57

      • cIOS slot: 250

      • cIOS revision: 65535

      • Again, press A to install it and wait for the process to finish.

    • Once everything is installed, press B to exit the application.

Step 4: Get the Yet Another WAD Manager (YAWMM) homebrew app

    • If you don't already have it on your SD card, download the file from here:

    • Unzip the file, and copy the apps folder to the root of your SD card, and merge it with the existing one. Basically you want the WADManager folder to be inside your apps folder.

Step 5: Install the WAD on you console using YAWMM

    • Use the randomizer website to generate a WAD file for your seed.

    • In the root of your SD card, create a folder called wad if one doesn't already exist. This folder MUST be named "wad" exactly!

    • Copy the randomized WAD file you downloaded from the website to this folder, and insert your SD card into your Wii.

    • Load up the Homebrew Channel, and open YAWMM.

    • Select IOS249 as your IOS, and leave "NAND Emulation Device" disabled.

    • Select your SD card as the location where your WADs are stored, and it should list the files in the wad folder we created earlier.

    • Select your injected WAD file you just copied to this folder, and select Install and it will install it.

    • Exit the Homebrew Channel and go back to your Wii menu, and your randomized WAD should be present in your channel list with the custom title you entered! Enjoy!

    • OPTIONAL: You can get a SNES to GameCube converter to play with your actual SNES controller: