David Hope [dob: 1835]

1835 was the year David, second child and first son of Thomas and Alice Hope, was born in Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland.


He was 21 years old* when the family left Scotland & migrated to Australia. Prior to the family's emigration, David was working in Berwickshire.[1] His chosen profession was carpentry/cabinet maker and he was a very gifted and much sought after craftsman. At about the age of 32, David was afflicted with blindness, but whether it was as a result of an accident or illness we may never know. Although blind, he astonished many people with his neat carpentry. Music ran in the blood of the Hopes with David not being left out. He played both the concertina and violin. Mention of David's strong Christian faith has been passed down through the generations and consequently is also recorded here.


After the deaths of his parents, David lived with or in close proximity to his 2 brothers, Richmond and William and their families in the Apsley district of Western Victoria. Another brother, Thomas (also a bachelor) lived with the family group.


The following obituary was published in the Naracoorte Herald:

"On Friday January 18 another old resident of Bogalara, Mr David Hope, passed into the great unknown, the cause of death being exhaustion following the effects of a partial paralysis received 2 years ago. The remains were interred in the Edenhope Cemetery on Sunday. The service at the grave being read by Rev. Mr McMeekin. The deceased gentleman, who was 72 years old was born in Scotland in 1835 and migrated to the country in 1857 (sic), settling at Hynam and has been in the district ever since.


Mr Hope who was by occupation a carpenter was afflicted with blindness for the past 40 years and although severely handicapped, the work he performed in his trade was a marvel and revelation to all who saw it."


David lived in Scotland until he was 22 years old*, then in South Australia for 12 years and finally spent 38 years in Victoria.


* NOTE: information on some "official" records vary in regard to actual dates of events or how old people were at particular milestones in life


NOTE: see the page "Arrival at Hynam" for information about the land that David & his brothers bought &/or lived on, as it appears that often they bought parcels of land between them.


During the 1980's my brother, Keith Hope, visited the South East of South Australia / Western Victoria area on a discovery holiday to see what information he could gleen by actually being in the area. During the trip, he spoke with several locals & on one occasion, he spoke with Christopher Halahan, who had this to say about David Hope:

"He knew of a David Hope that was blind but did not know how old he would have been when he died. It appears that David was a little too inventive for the locals and would always talk about fanciful things like "buses" that would fly. Some thought of him as being mad."


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[1]Margaret Fordred's records