HOPE stemmata

or the Hope family history; with information, where known, of the families into whom they married


[family tree, pedigree, line of descent {plural form}; according to The Concise Oxford Dictionary: 1984]

stemmata quid faciunt?

[translated means: "of what value are pedigrees?"]


This is the second time I have gone on-line with the records of the HOPE Family History. The first edition, which lasted for nearly 6 years, recorded over 8,000 visitors. How long & how many visitors will this one attract?

However, before I go any deeper, I need to inform you that as "Google Pages" is still a trial service, I have no idea how long these pages will be available. But, enjoy them while they last!

No living persons or persons who are likely to still be living, will be identified on these pages, due to the constraints of the Privacy Act.

This is still a "works-in-progress" as I re-load the book, little by little. 

In the desire to have this on-line book available, as soon as possible, some sources of data have not been included but it is my intention to provide the sources, as time permits.

In addition, I am currently living outside of Australia & therefore do not have access to all of my genealogical records. I am using old material to upload these pages. Therefore, please be understanding if you believe that I have uploaded old data - the truth of the matter is, I probably have!!! BUT be also assured that once we return to our homeland & I have access to all my records, that I will gradually update the information.

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In the meantime, I hope you get something from these pages:

Page 2: Acknowledgments

Page 3: ... before we start

Page 4: ... and who is Maggie?

Page 5: ... early Scotland

Page 6: ... the Hope's emigrate

Page 7: ... arrival at Hynam, SA

Page 8: Thomas Hope; our forefather