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Forthcoming Events for Politics Teaching and Learning

Call for Papers: the 11th Annual Political Studies Association/British International Studies Association Conference, University of Leeds, September 6-7th 2018

Focus: ‘The Student Journey’

We will explore the opportunities and challenges involved in delivering high-quality, coherent and rewarding degree programmes for students. How do we ensure that students develop an appropriate mix of skills and competences? What kinds of curriculum innovations can enhance both digital and more traditional teaching delivery methods? How can help we deal with issues such as mental health and cultural barriers which can affect the student experience? What kinds of wider opportunities should politics and international studies degrees be offering students?

Please send an abstract of no more than 200 words to Stuart McAnulla, by Friday 15th June.

The 2nd European Conference on Teaching & Learning Politics, International Relations & European Studies, 9-10 June 2016, Brussels

Sponsored and supported by PSA Teaching and Learning, BISA Teaching and Learning, UACES, ECPR, Institute of European Studies Vrijr Universiteit Brussels, CERiM and Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Paper and resources from this event can be accessed at:

Register now: 3rd European Conference on Teaching & Learning Politics, International Relations & European Studies:

Jointly organized by the teaching and learning working groups of UACES, ECPR, PSA and BISA, the interactive programme for our 3rd EuroTLC is now ready and online. Join us on 31 May – 1 June in Prague for:

• 13 Flipped Presentations

• 20 best-practice Workshops

• Two Thematic Roundtables

• Social Activities & Networking

We will cover a wide range of old and new topics: the use of simulations, how to teach politics in times of Brexit, how to use technology in the classroom, how to provide feedback, how to involve practitioners, how to integrate transferable skills, how to stimulate thinking and social engagement; etc. Check the abstracts of all activities here.

Below: Heidi Maurer (Maastricht University)

welcomes delegates to Euro TLC 2016