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Forthcoming Events for Politics Teaching and Learning

The 2018 Teaching & Learning Conference will take place from February 2-4 in Baltimore with the theme - "Teaching Politics as a Public Good: Citizenship and Civic Engagement in the Classroom."

The 2018 Political Studies Association Annual Conference. The event will be held from 26th – 28th March 2018 at City Hall, Cardiff. As usual there will be a number of panels on teaching and learning.

EURO TLC Conference

Details to follow for the 2018 event

PSA Teaching and Learning Conference

Details to follow for the 2018 event

Call for applications: ECPR 4th Teaching and Learning Summer School 

Enhance your teaching practice by learning the principles of student-centred education. Organised by ECPR's Standing Group on Teaching & Learning Politics, this summer school takes place in Bratislava, Slovakia, from 15–23 July 2018. The school draws upon best practice in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and will offer a combination of practical and theoretical sessions. Apply by Thursday 16 February. 
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The 2nd  European Conference on Teaching & Learning Politics, International Relations & European Studies, 9-10 June 2016, Brussels
Sponsored and supported by PSA Teaching and Learning, BISA Teaching and Learning, UACES, ECPR, Institute of European Studies Vrijr Universiteit Brussels, CERiM and Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Paper and resources from this event can be accessed at:       

Below: Heidi Maurer (Maastricht University) 
welcomes delegates to Euro TLC 2016