Professor Kostic's Early Retirement and Start of a New Post-Retirement Career

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

     It is my pleasure to inform you that, in favor of pursuing and focusing on my fundamental research and writings, also due to a favorite opportunity for my early retirement, and uncertainties of the future of Illinois' State-universities retirement-law changes (SURS), I have retired from regular duties in 2014, but plan to refocus and enhance my professional activities, i.e., to start a new post-retirement career with emphases on national and international research and collaboration, including expert consulting and advising, as well as 'motivational' expert speaking and lecturing

     I am now available for longer international collaboration to finish my fundamental and creative scholarly and innovative work, including fundamental and industrial research and development, being postponed in the past due to my prior "everyday distractions."

     Look forward to collaborating and meeting with you in the future.

    With Best Wishes, and

    Respectfully Yours,

    Milivoje Kostic

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