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My Handy Projects

My Selected Handy (creative) Projects 

Open the attached PDF file below for projects' details, and ... Self-designed-and-made Meat Smoker

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Paying attention to details (the devil is in the details!) is equally important for theory and practice - creative thinking is needed for the synergy of the two.

NOTE: Developing a novel and superior product and/or process, or innovative experiment or equipment, requires utmost expertise, especially final calibration and fine tuning, far beyond a regular product development. That why "superior products" are expensive since their development is very delicate and demanding. One cannot just "copy" an innovative product or method, not even a well-developed product. For example, a car company may dissect a Toyota-Prius hybrid-car and copy all components, but such assembled copied-car will only look like a Prius, but not be nearly as functional nor efficient nor reliable, thus not competitive. The "devil is in 'stealth' details": the integral and holistic outcome synergy is larger than the sum of the components.
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Milivoje Kostic,
Sep 26, 2017, 6:21 PM