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2019 China Trip 18-23 June (NIU-Today)

Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao, China 2015  * More Videos ... PDF

China 2015 Invited Lectures/Seminars (

o   From Thermoscience Research to Innovative Applications, Building Energy Research Center, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2 December 2015. *Photo*P2*P3*BEC*

o   From Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Fundamentals to Thermal Innovations and Energy Conservation, Energy and Resource Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China, 27 November 2015. *Photo*P2*P3*

o   Reflections on the Caloric Theory and Thermal Energy as a Distinguished Part of Internal Energy: Brainstorming Illusive Thermal Phenomena (PDF), Institute of Thermophysics, School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 18 November 2015.*Photo*P2*P3*P4* (Free Thermo Functions-Functionals) * 美国北伊利诺伊大学Kostic教授访问课题组- 新闻动态- 新概念热 (Also 2013) ECC

Milivoje M. Kostic, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at Northern Illinois University, Licensed Professional Engineer in State of Illinois (USA) and Editor-in-Chief of Thermodynamics  Journal, is a notable researcher and scholar in energy fundamentals and applications, including nanotechnology, with emphasis on conservation, environment and sustainability. He graduated with the University of Belgrade highest distinction (the highest GPA in ME program history), obtained Ph.D. at University of Illinois at Chicago as a Fulbright scholar, appointed as NASA faculty fellow, and Fermi and Argonne National Laboratories faculty researcher. Professor Kostic also worked in industry and has authored a number of patents and professional publications, including invited articles in prestigious energy encyclopedias. He has a number of professional awards and recognitions, is a frequent keynote plenary speaker at international conferences and at different educational and public institutions, as well as member of several professional societies and scientific advisory boards. More at

Milivoje M. Kostic博士,热力学领域著名学者, 北伊利诺伊大学荣誉退休教授,伊利诺伊州(美国)注册机械工程师,Entropy杂志热力学方向主编。 研究领域包括能源科学的基础和应用,如微纳技术、节能、能源与环境及能源可持续性发展等。他在贝尔格莱德大学以最高GPA毕业(该校机械工程系历史最高成绩), 作为富布莱特学者在伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校获得博士学位,曾工作于美国航空航天局(NASA)、 费米国家实验室及阿贡国家实验室。Kostic教授在工业界获得 许多专利并出版若干专业著作,曾受邀为权威的能源百科全书撰写条目。他曾获多项专业荣誉及奖项,并受邀为多个国际会议、 教育机构及公众机构做主题报告,他同时也是一些专业学会和科学顾问委员会的委员。

IITT Innovated & Integrated Thermal Technologies:

Expert Consulting and Advising (ECA)

Application Research and Innovations by Prof. M. Kostic

·        Hybrid Heater – Cooler/Chiller Integrator with Thermal Transformer (HHCCI-TT) System for Efficient Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning

A Hybrid Heater-Cooler/Chiller Integrator (HHCCI) system as an innovative method and device for efficient heating, cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning, is developed. This technical innovation is achieved using so-called Thermal Transformer (TT) based on Thermodynamic principles and efficiency optimization with regard to the First Law of Energy Conservation and the Second Law of Energy Degradation. It may substantially increase integral efficiency of Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning, and set up a new paradigm in the industry. The method is suitable for scaling devices from mobile to residential to commercial applications. 

·        Innovative Wall and Roof Panel System Technology

A patent-pending, innovative know-how technology for production of wall and roof panel systems, which provides energy and cost efficiencies far exceeding the classical construction materials. Utilizing innovative materials and design integration, IITT provides innovative technology to integrate enhanced concrete, superior composites and insulation materials, with steel and composite sheeting, resulting with up to five times the energy efficiency and one fifth the weight than the traditional wall and roof panel products.

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