Boston Poets

Boston Blues (P. Grushko)
In Memory of Joseph Grushko (P. Grushko)
"It's so pleasant, immersed..." (R. Alexandrovich)
"Faces flicker as they pass..." (R. Alexandrovich)
"While I was sleeping..." (I. Kuras)
"This year we've left fallen leaves..." (I. Kuras)
"Children, be alert and wary..." (I. Kuras)
On the Republican Debate (L. Epstein)


For solitude and privacy (I. Golenishchev-Kutuzov)
"Today, in Moscow, this tragedy... (A. Orlov)"
Requiem to MH-17 (A. Orlov)
Re: Requiem to MH-17 (O. Granovskaya)
"We will never ever..." (A. Dmitruk)
Lilith (V. Nabokov)
To Russia (V. Nabokov)
By the fireplace (N. Gumilev)
Moscow (P. Barskova)
"There are so many I could take to bed..." (E. Asadov)
"I could wait very long..." (E. Asadov)
"Let's go to the city..." (D. Samoylov)
Forgive me (V. Molodyi)
"I've never felt nostalgia..." (I. Elagin)
About Cats (A. Babanskaya)
It's Hard (A. Babanskaya)
Mechanical Horses (A. Babanskaya)
Etude (S. Alexandrovsky)
Trolleybus (V. Tsoi)
Epitaph (I. Bunin)
The Sail (M. Lermontov)