Intake from Other Shelter

Flow Chart Version


  • OS - Owner Surrender
  • Non-IDEXX parvo tests are unreliable, often producing false positive test results.
  • Ward = Parvo ICU/Isolation Unit

Written Version

  • Verify IDEXX Snap Test Positive result on individual puppy before arrival
    • Notify doctor if patient appears asymptomatic (BAR)
    • Receptionist - call source shelter if information/paperwork not provided.
    • If not done on IDEXX Snap test, retest dog at intake
        • If positive – goes into ICU.
        • If negative – becomes “parvo/not-parvo” and foster home plead
    • Receptionist - gather all other pertinent information: medical treatments (if any), vaccines, etc…
  • Litters:
    • If group test was performed on litter, verify if IDEXX test was done.
    • If test was done on the sick patient only who is directly housed with littermates, re-test all with GROUP test
    • If positive test on sick patient only but not all the littermates are housed together
      • Littermates who have not been in same cage as sick puppy which became sick in past 24 hours AND not transported in same carrier
        • group test each "enclosure" (i.e. if 3 dogs were in same kennel at other shelter, group test).
        • individual test if not housed or transported with littermates
        • If littermates were transported in same kennel, they are exposed
        • If test negative, send to foster
    • If not able to verify if IDEXX test was done, re-test them all with a GROUP test
    • All puppies are housed together as long as their medical treatment allows for it (can be separated if needs IV CRI).
    • If puppy does not show signs of parvovirus in parvo ICU, note on the “post parvo” intake form.