Triage Mode Protocols

This document contains information about triage procedures in the ICU.

Triage Mode

Rules to follow when we have 7+ critical ICU patients to prevent long shifts

  1. Dirty bedding is to be changed at the very end of shift
    1. This means after treatments/feeding, dishes, and cleaning is complete. The earlier you change the bedding, the more likely the dog is to make another mess before the end of the shift.
  2. Begin as many Hetastarch boluses as possible
    1. Hetastarch administration takes the longest in most cases.
  3. During Boluses – start drawing up meds, feeding and treating another patient during this time.
  4. Draw up multiple (3-5) patient’s ‘like’ meds at a time.
    1. Ex. Open 6 syringes. Draw up Cefazolin for 3 different patients, then Cerenia for 3 patients. Repetition produces efficiency.
  5. Dogs on orals meds – these patients each take under 5 minutes to treat. For a litter, under 10 minutes.
    1. This includes drawing up and administering meds, feeding, and changing bedding
  6. Avoid putting patients in your lap or entering cages if possible.
    1. This slows you down.
  7. Cuddle and playtime should be reserved for after the shift.
    1. Even though you might have unlimited time to spend in parvo, the other volunteers on shift with you might not.


And don’t forget to wash your hands between patients!

Time Goals