Negative Dog Protocol

Negative Protocol Overview

If puppy is >5lbs and negative for parvo but was housed with a dog who is positive in the last 48 hours, or is group tested and non symptomatic.

  • Polyflex(200mg/mL) - 0.05 cc/lb SQ BID
  • Panacur - 0.2ml/lb PO SID for 5 days

If a puppy is Negative Exposed but under 5lbs, start them on Full SQ Treatment. If a puppy tested negative and starts showing any signs of parvo (lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia), start on Full SQ or IV Treatment.

All dogs in Group 1 and 4 will have a catheter placed and receive IV Vitamin C TID for 2 days, or 6 doses, regardless of treatment plan.

Negative Dog Protocol

When a dog tests negative, an email must be sent to and the dog must be added to the Negative and Placed Parvo Dogs spreadsheet. In the email, include the dog’s name, weight, age, where the dog is from (Owner Surrender, AAC, etc), what Group the dog was in (1-4), Distemper status, if they are periparvo, any medications, any health or behavioral issues, and if they are available for adoption. Follow the steps below before sending this email out.

Take a picture of the dog and attach it in the email, or upload it directly to their Shelterluv profile. When taking pictures try to follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid showing feces or any other dirtiness in the background
  • Have them face you (using a squeaky toy or treat to grab their attention helps)
  • Show as much of the dog’s body as possible, while keeping the focus on their face
  • If a dog is too active/wiggly, have someone hold them
  • If a dog is black or darker colored, use a photo editor to adjust the lighting so you can see the dogs features

Most dogs will be available for adoption upon testing parvo negative. Exceptions would be if the dog had a particularly rough time getting through parvo and needs to be monitored for things such as eating, has an extremely low total protein (<2), or has an issue that needs to be checked by a vet once out of parvo (ex. broken leg). Double check with the Parvo Manager or a vet if you’re unsure.

If a dog is available for adoption:

  1. Go to the dog’s Shelter Luv profile
  2. Under the ‘Processing’ tab, go to ‘Status’ and change ‘Current Status’ to ‘Available (Shelter)’. Click ‘Update’
  3. Under the same tab, go to ‘Attributes’ and check off ‘‘Parvo’ (if dog is Periparvo, select ‘Peri-Parvo watch for 5 days from d/c date from parvo ward’ instead).
    1. If dog is Distemper Watch, check off ‘Distemper Watch’, ‘Medical Consult’, and ‘Must be medical pre-adopt’.

Finally, add the negative test to Shelter Luv:

  1. Go to the dog’s Shelter Luv profile
  2. Under the ‘Medical’ tab, go to ‘Diagnostic Tests’ and click ‘Complete test’
  3. Under ‘Test’ select ‘IDEXX Parvo Test’, choose ‘Complete’ for the ‘Result Status’ and pick the correct result.
  4. Enter your name in the Given by’ section and hit ‘Save’