Intake Protocol

The following procedure should be followed when admitting a dog into the Parvo ICU.

1) Verify and/or Test

Verify a positive diagnostic test was performed before entering the Parvo ICU with the dog.

    • Some shelters diagnose parvo based off symptoms (vomiting and diarrhea) without performing a test. These symptoms can occur for a variety of reasons other than parvo. Intaking a dog without verifying a positive test could expose a parvo negative dog to the virus.
    • Paperwork should say Parvo Positive test. If you're unsure about how the shelter diagnosed them, call and ask:
      • Did you diagnosed only based off of symptoms?
      • Did you use an actual/IDEXX test?
    • If the dog has not been tested, test with IDEXX Snap test.
    • If there is a litter in the same living quarters, test only the sickest dog. All other dogs have been exposed to the virus, if test positive.

2) Medical Paperwork

Bring copies, not originals, of any medical and intake paperwork. Read the dogs medical records thoroughly before they are brought into the ward.

3) Transfer Dog Into ICU

Wearing gloves/smock to protect street clothes as needed. Do not bring crates into ICU unless absolutely necessary.

Puppy will be handed to a Parvo Staff member by one of the receptionists.

    1. Inspect for any signs of URI and place into the correct group.
    2. Do not take carriers into the ICU unless absolutely necessary.
    3. Reception will give you a yellow ‘Intake Form’ that lists the dog’s information as well as vaccines.

The Parvo ICU is divided into 4 groups:

  • Group 1 (Ward 1 Kennels and F) - Vax done <5 days prior to intake and NO URI
  • Group 2 (Ward 1 Runs) - Vax done >5 days prior to intake and NO URI
  • Group 3 (Ward 2) - Vax done >5 days prior to intake and URI
  • Group 4 (Ward 3) - Vax done <5 days prior to intake and URI

Dogs must be placed in the appropriate Group, unless vet approves to be moved elsewhere due to space. Leave dogs in their Group for the entirety of their stay.

4) Intake Paperwork

When Medical Reception creates their SL profiles, they will be placed in ‘Location: Parvo waiting to be assigned’. You will be responsible for changing their location by clicking on ‘Edit Record’, and changing their location to the correct Ward and Cage.

      • Weigh the dog using a scale. Don't guess the weight of the dog. For larger dogs, weigh yourself using the human scale, then weigh yourself while holding the dog, and subtract your weight to get the dog’s.
      • Re-name if owner surrender. Name if shelter transfer with no name. No re-naming later.

5) Vaccinate

Administer intake vaccines if not previously vaccinated (for DAPP if not vaccinated in the last 2 weeks).

We are required to re-vaccinate all puppies on intake with the exception of Austin Animal Center, Ft. Worth Animal Center, and Dallas Animal Services.

    1. Intake Vaccines (If puppy is 4 weeks or younger, consult veterinarian):
      1. DAPP (Distemper/Adenovirus/Parvo/Parainfluenza):
        1. Given SQ in right lower shoulder region
        2. Mix DAPP sterile diluent with unreconstituted vial and mix. Draw back up into syringe and administer SQ in right shoulder.
      2. Bordetella
        1. Given intranasally
        2. Mix bordetella sterile diluent with unreconstituted vial and mix. Pull up mixed solution into syringe and remove needle. Apply nasal applicator to syringe, lift head, and give into the nostrils. DO NOT INJECT SQ.
    2. Enter each vaccine in the dog’s SL profile.
      1. Go to ‘Medical’ tab, and then ‘Vaccines’.
      2. Click ‘Complete Vaccine’
      3. Under ‘Quickfill’ select ‘DAPP Booster’ or ‘Bordatella’
      4. Fill in the ‘Lot #’ and ’Product expiration date’ with the information listed on the vaccine bottle
      5. Enter your name in the ‘Vaccinated by’ section and hit ‘Save’
    3. Apply vaccine stickers on patient chart

6) Fleat Treatment

Apply flea treatment (Frontline (0.05ml/lb) or Vectra) for fleas/ticks and note on chart.

    1. Apply topically on back of neck (not between shoulder blades because parvo dogs will be receiving treatments there)
    2. Enter flea treatment in the dog’s SL profile.
      1. Go to ‘Medical’ tab, and then ‘Treatment.’
      2. Click ‘Complete Treatment’
      3. Under ‘Quick fill’ select ‘Flea Prevention’
      4. Enter your name in the Given by’ section and hit ‘Save’

7) Wrap-Up

Fill out the dog’s ‘Parvo Treatment Sheet’ following the ‘Treatment Flow’ down below for the next 3 shifts (For Panacur, mark down all 5 doses). Give first treatment.

All dogs will get an IVC placed to give IV Vitamin C TID for 2 days, or 6 doses. Group 2 and 3 only are required to get 1 dose unless a vet states otherwise.

PDF versions of Intake forms are available to download below.