Standard Medical Protocol

This document contains the basic treatment guidelines for treating Parvo as done at Austin Pets Alive! under veterinary supervision. All dosages and treatment guidelines are not meant to be used without veterinary support. We recommend that all people interested in treating parvo patients work with a licensed veterinarian to be sure that this works for your program.

The veterinarian can direct medical volunteers/staff to set patients up on "core" SQ or IV treatments as described below.

Additional medications or changes to the basic treatment plan may be required. Check with the veterinarian on call if any additional treatments may be needed. See medical chart for drug concentrations.

All dogs are started on Panacur (0.2mL/lb) SID for 5 days.

If puppy is lateral, non-responsive, not standing, and/or pale gums, see “Crashing Puppy Protocol .

Treatment Flow

The following is the flow of deciding what treatment an animal should receive.

  • Test Positive
  • Test Negative
    • Directly exposed to a positive within the past 48 hours
    • Not directly exposed to a positive within the past 48 hours
      • We cannot take the dog into the ICU