Maintaining Documentation

Medical and logistical protocols are occasionally changing and improving as circumstances change, new products or medications are created, or updates are needed. The manager can update non-medical protocols when needed to increase efficiency and/or improving quality of care. Protocols should be kept concise and to the point.

Some documentation which changes occasionally follows:

  • APA Wiki - Please adhere to the proper formatting when editing this wiki. Use the provided headings and normal text under the “Format” and do not change text font or color on individual pages.
  • Training Curriculum - an updated curriculum is vital for a well-trained team and maintaining quality of care in the ICU.
  • End Of Shift Report
  • Schedule Request Form
  • Schedule
  • Email Templates
  • Treatment Sheet
  • Contact Lists
    • Escalation Contacts
  • Hard Copies of Signs in the ICU
    • Other Diseases Signs - URIs, Mange, Ringworm, Distemper, etc
    • Drug Chart
    • Important Reminders

Be sure to not clutter the ICU walls with too many signs because as more signs are added to the walls, the signs seem to become less imporant. Additionally when volunteers/staff are overloaded with information, they are more likely to ignore all of it.

Please contact the site owner at for APA! manager editing permissions to this site. For other shelter programs, see the Duplicating This WIki page under "General Information"