Deceased Puppy Protocol

If a vet is not present to confirm death, cover the body until the end of shift to confirm death by rigor.

  1. Remove all catheters, collars, towels, etc from the dogs.
  2. Place in black trash bag. Double bag.
  3. Label bag with name
  4. Place in freezer.
  5. Go to the dog’s SL profile and go to the ‘Medical’ tab. Click the ‘Mark Medical Outcome’ button.
    1. If Died Unassisted:
      1. Outcome subtype is "Parvo Virus"
      2. Location of death is Shelter > Dog > TLAC > Parvo > Parvo waiting to assigned
      3. Final Asilomar Status has to be changed to "Unhealthy/Untreatable"
      4. Cause of death is "Parvo”
      5. Click outcome
    2. If Euthanized:
      1. Outcome subtype is "Medical - parvo"
      2. Reason for euthanasia is "Parvo virus"
      3. Final Asilomar Status has to be changed to "Unhealthy/Untreatable"
      4. “Authorized by” is the vet who approves euthanasia.
      5. Method is "injection".
      6. Route is "IV"
      7. Click outcome
  6. Email medicalreception@
    1. Subject: Parvo Deceased Body Tag(s)
    2. List dogs as (dog name)-(species), (weight), died (date of death) ex. Max-dog, 30#, died 10/30
  7. Reception will print out body tags and place them near the clinic side of the Clinic/Parvo door. Have another Parvo Tech meet you at the back border by the Truckport door. Grab the bagged bodies from the freezer, spray them with trifectant, and hand them over to the other tech. They will then zip tie the label to the bag, and place it in the freezer in the Clinic’s intake room.