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Introduction to John's Stories (written by John in the 1990s)  
John Browne (4/18/1929-6/13/2005): Author, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Horseman, Musician, Entertainer, Artist, Physical Therapist, Free Thinker—Observer of People, Animals, Places, Stars (Hollywood, that is) and All Things Worthy of Attention.  

Read John's stories to learn something of his life, his times, his experiences, stories he has heard from others, his family, his feelings and opinions. On left sidebar and below, his stories are listed alphabetically. Click on a story or click one of these 10 Books where he organized stories by topic. Or enter a word in the "search this site" bar (upper right).
This site was created to share stories written by my dad. Contact me at jhmathgal at gmail dot com if you have comments, or find typos. Julie Harland

Below are stories, listed in alphabetical order.
Baby Moses - song by Jen & Scott Goldman 

Barbara and John circa 1960s

John & Barbara's 20th anniversary, 1977
Back row: Daniel, Julie, Jennifer, Barry

With son Dan Browne--see Ely, Minnesota Fishing

John, 2004
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