As of the end of the 2019 season, the Brewers are 89-74* in regular season bobblehead giveaway games.

*Record is based on a bobblehead being handed out at the gate. Includes kid giveaway, mini bobbles, theme nights, all fan, first 10,000 fans etc. Does not include Gnome giveaways or Spring Training games. The Brewers are 1-1 in regular season Gnome giveaway games. The Brewers are 1-0 in Spring Training bobblehead giveaway games.

This site has a page for each year there were SGA Bobbles for the Brewers, starting with 2001-present. Each page contains photos of the bobbles, as well as some fun facts; stories/myths/legends behind bobbleheads. Also if there are variations of bobbles they are explained on the page corresponding to the year they were available.

I started collecting Brewer bobbleheads in 2004. I found it frustrating that there was no place on the web to get all the information I was looking for at once. Dates of the giveaways, specific numbers of special bobbles given away, stories behind the bobbles etc.

I intend this site to be a comprehensive resource for SGA Brewer bobblehead collectors. I hope others can use it to learn, and share, information about all things Milwaukee Brewers Bobbleheads. Please feel free to share information with me that I may have incorrect or am missing entirely. I would be happy to update the site if you prove to be a reliable resource. You can contact me at milwaukeebobbleguy@gmail.com

My collection is not for sale, although I do sell the shelving that I make.

In the summer of 2013 I built some shelving to display my collection. It is organized chronologically by when the bobbles were given away. I have tried to include as much information about each bobblehead as I can, based on the best information I have. I am always willing to hear suggestions if you know more about the history of a certain bobblehead.

I know there are many other minor league and non SGA bobbles affiliated with the Brewers. Though I collect a few of those that I find interesting or unique, my main focus in collecting is to acquire all variations of Brewer bobbleheads given away by the Milwaukee Brewers Major League Organization or their partners.