Pommes Frites

4 large russet potatoes (2 potatoes per person)
32 oz palm oil or peanut oil
kosher salt

Cut both ends off the potato and then cut in half. Cut each piece in half again and then stand up the pieces on the newly cut side.

Slice each piece in half and lay the pieces flat. Finally, cut in half and discard the small outer piece. Place the pieces in a large bowl of cold water while cutting the remaining potatoes.

Drain the water and refill the bowl again and allow the pieces to rest in cold water for 10 min. Drain once more and thoroughly dry each piece.

Use a pan that will allow an oil depth of 2 - 3 inches. Heat the oil to 320*F. In small batches (up to 10 pieces), fry the frites for 4 - 5 min. Do not allow the frites to brown. Remove and place on a plate lined with paper towels. Continue until all the frites have been cooked once. Allow them to rest and reach room temperature. Finish the final frying step just before serving.

Increase the oil temperature to 375*F. Cook the frites for a second time for 2 -3 min, again in small batches. Drain on a plate lined with fresh paper towels. Sprinkle liberally with kosher salt as they first come out of the oil.

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