Union 2018

Union School District - Professional Development Day - March 2018

Click Here for Sharing the Lead - a Session for Administrators

Click Here for Finding Every Student Voice - A session for K-8 Teachers

Opening Keynote:

To kick off a day of learning with collaboration between CUE and the Union School District, John Eick will fire up the crowd with his message about change. We must all start from exactly where we are, then intentionally stretch our learning in the desired direction. This message is especially true in the sun setting era of the worksheet, workbook and the scripted curriculum. The modern classroom teacher is a designer and nothing is more important for a designer than to cultivate a learners mindset. While each room may assess common standards and expect similar outcomes, each environment is shaped by the passions of the students and staff that occupy these spaces, making each room a handcrafted experience - introducing #CraftEd.




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