Google Sheets 101

Google Sheets 101

This session is a true intro to Google Sheets. For those who have heard that spreadsheets are amazing, but have yet to dive in, this is a great place to start. Participants will learn the basics of creating and organizing tabs, auto-sorting lists, formatting cells, rows and columns, as well as begin to use formulas such as split, sum, merge and more.


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Spreadsheets 101: Navigating a Spreadsheet

  • Understand the relationship between Cells, Rows and Columns
    • Click a cell (Change Color)
    • Click a row (Change Color)
    • Click a Column (Change Color)
    • Sort A-Z and watch what moves with what?
  • Create new Tab
    • Name Tab
    • Color Tab
  • Organize a list:
    • Sort A-Z
    • Sort #'s
  • Create a Header
    • Merge Cells
    • Fill Color
    • Freeze Header

Spreadsheet Magic: Using Formulas

  • Down-fill and auto-fill
    • Drag down to copy
    • Drag down to auto-fill
  • Conditional Formatting
    • Change the color of the Cell based on the contents
  • The power of Equal
    • =sum(list cells here)
    • =Split(Cell, split by what)
    • =Name a Cell
    • =Name a Cell & Name another Cell
    • =Name a Cell & "Add text"

Using Sheets for Collaboration

  • Uses with Staff
  • Uses with Students

Click Here to Learn More Formulas


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