Organizing your Leadership Spice Cabinet

Are you ready to invigorate your leadership with new style, flair, and fun? Let's take that big, bad internet and filter it together to streamline tools and curate the best instructional tools from your PLN. From social media feeds to eye-catching images to digital media, you will walk away totally inspired and clear on how you can regularly model innovation.

Organizing your Leadership Spice Cabinet


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Executive Director, Westlake Charter School

John’s first edu-gig was volunteering to direct a high school play. Little did he know that 15 years later he would have been a teacher, a department chair, a vice principal and eventually the proud principal of that same school. During his teaching tenure, he wrote grants to l... Read More →

Director of Member Engagement, CUE, Inc

Cate Tolnai is a fan of learning, coaching, and connecting. In her fifteenth year in education, she is dedicated to supporting teachers & administrators throughout the state as they initiate and continue their professional learning journeys. She serves as Director of Member Engag... Read More →

Friday April 13, 2018 8:45am - 9:45am


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- CapCue Board President - CUE Lead Learner - Google Certified Teacher -

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