Crowdsourcing Anticipatory Sets

Crowdsourcing as an Anticipatory Set

During an anticipatory set, teachers engage students’ prior knowledge and help students to focus on the upcoming lesson. Now teachers can host writing and discussion simultaneously!

This website offers a digital chalkboard that everyone in your class can write on simultaneously.

Step 1

Goto, click on the Create Something Button.

Step 2

Click the “+” symbol to create a new “Board.” Click Modify to add a title and some flare.

Step 3

Add a title, add a description, pick an icon and a wallpaper!

Step 4

Post a link to your “Board” on your class website or a QR Code.


Learn with John Eick QR Code.jpg

Step 5

Consider some sentence starters, then let the students add their thoughts!

Once a board is posted, studnets can:

    • Double-click anywhere on the board and add a thought.
    • Add links and pictures to accompany their thoughts.
    • Move their post to anywhere on the board.