CrowdSource & Automate with Google Forms

Why Crowdsource and What is Automation?

Even if you don't get the right answer, asking the room can help find the right path to an answer. Using a Google Form to ask the crowd can help shape a conversation, collect data about what people know, or simply to understand the intentions, expectations and desires of the crowd.

Google Forms turn any data collector into a crowdsourcing expert. Forms can help you ask many types of questions and collect several different sets of data. What you do with the data you collect just got easier with Google Forms add on automation features such as Doc Appender and Form Publisher.

Automation with Forms can be grouped into three categories:

Automatically organize data while it is being collected

  • Use Choice Eliminator to remove a question once it has been selected
  • Use Row Call to sort all the incoming data automatically by a given indicator such as name

Click Here to See Choice Eliminator in Action - Click Here to See Row Call in Action - (NOTE: Take this Form 3 times)

Let's Build a Form

Choice Eliminator

Row Call Demo

Collect data and share with the crowd so they can organize it.

  • Use Doc Appender to merge answers to pre-determined questions into a single doc
  • Use Form Notification to send the Docs to a group so everyone can analyze the results

Take this form to see these tools in Action

Let's Build a folder, a doc and a form!

(Note: To send a unique email for each doc above, use Form Mule - optional advanced session)

Form Notification

Doc Appender

Collect data and share it individually.

  • Form Publisher will merge data to a unique doc and share it with the participant.

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