Oxnard 2018

June 19th CUE Rockstar Teacher Camp

Click Here for - Google Slides and Drawings as Research Tools

In this session, participants will learn ways to use Google Slides and Google Drawings to engage students in research, critical thinking and creativity. Participants will learn to leverage info-graphics to help students of all ages research new information.

Click Here for - Google Sheets are the Answer

In this session, participants will learn how to use first the basic functions of Google Sheets, and next, they will learn more advanced formulas to make Google Sheet Magic. Participants will learn to create auto-populating data tables that collect and organize information from Google Forms. Finally, participants will create charts that automatically update when pasted into Google Slides. This session is appropriate for beginning level, intermediate and advanced sheets users.

Opening Keynote

June 20th CUE Rockstar Admin Camp

Opening Keynote

Creating Transparent and Open Source Leadership - Click Here

In this session participants will discuss change theory, building a rubber band culture, then craft structures using Google Apps to both manage change and create transparency within their organizations. Whether participants are team leaders, site admin or district level managers, everyone will benefit from utilizing tools that build trust and collective efficacy within an organization.



- CapCue Board President - CUE Lead Learner - Google Certified Teacher -

- CUE Speaker's Bureau - CUE Rockstar Faculty