Forms - Automate Workflow

Monday, July 6 • 10:00am & 2:00pm

The Common Core Classroom has projects and presentations to organize, as well as plenty of formative feedback to be offered: this solution helps teachers automate some of the workflow of the Common Core. Teachers may use auto-elimination Forms allowing students to sign up for presentation times; the auto-

email response can offer canned responses as well as custom emails based on Form entries; and teachers can use the mail merge feature to offer feedback to the entire class, and allow Google to deliver it all in a click. This solution is appropriate for the intermediate Forms user.


Google offers powerful automation tools that can cut down time responding to emails, confirming appointments, and organizing events. The following automation features are intended to save you some time and get you back to doing what you love doing.

The Demo Automation Form and Sheet have multiple automation features built in. Once you have seen the form in action, and understand which features you would like to use, we can spend the rest of the session helping you to build a custom Form that meets your automation needs!

Click Here to View a Demo Automated Form

Click Here to view a Demo Automated Response Sheet

Step 1 - Build the Form

Below are some tips on items you might want to include when building your form:

  • Click Here for some slick tips and tricks to building custom Form. Features you will find here are:
    • Customizing the Form
    • Choose your own Adventure
    • Choice Eliminator
    • Populate a Portion of your Form with Form Submission

Step 2 - Set up the Response Sheet with Custom Automation Features

Some of the features outlined above are built into the form itself, however, some of the more advanced features are a function of building automation into the response sheet. Below are directions for customizing the Response Sheet.

  • Click Here to view Response Sheet customization such as:Customized email responses based on a Form submission
  • Tabulating the votes on a separate sheet

Step 3 - Launch the Form and Have Fun!

Launching the Form is as easy as sending a link via email, posting it on your class site, or sharing it on a doc!


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