Collaborative Sites

Building Google Sites as Collaborative Tools (90 Mins)

Participants will learn to create shared Google Sites to use collaboratively with their teaching team. During this session, members will build a site, adjust fonts and settings, create hyperlinks to shared Google Docs, Folders, etc. For those teams who need a place to organize their most frequently used shared tools, this session is a must!


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Collaborative Sites Outcomes

Why Sites?

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Splash-page
    • Links to: Attendance, online referral, parent roster, school website, etc.
  • Calendar Page with planning calendar and school calendar
  • Notes from Team Meetings
  • Shared Lesson and Unit Plan Folders
  • Resource Links
  • Data - Benchmark and Local Assessments
  • Catch'all for a phone based form

Building a Site

  • Launch Sites through the App Launcher
  • Click Create
  • Share with your team

Start Simple

  • Click the Edit Pencil - Give the Home Page a fresh name - Click Save
  • Click the sprocket and click Edit Site Layout
    • Sidebar, Horizontal Navigation, etc.

Add Simple Content

  • Title an area Common Links - then hyperlink useful links
  • Title an area Planning Docs - then hyperlink common docs used by the team for planning
  • Title an area Our Shared Resources - hyperlink a shared folder with common resources

Pretty it up

  • Layout
  • Change Themes
  • Fonts and Colors

Embed a Drive File

  • Notes Doc
  • Roster Sheet
  • Google Slides
  • Images
  • Video


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