Google Slides and Drawings as Research Tools


In this session, participants will learn ways to use Google Slides and Google Drawings to engage students in research, critical thinking and creativity. Participants will learn to leverage info-graphics to help students of all ages research new information.

Slides as Notes

Click Here to make a Copy of our Project Notes

Every project is going to include some research. Without structured expectations, our research notes may vary from a complete page of plagiarized wiki-notes to hand scrawled illegible disconnected

thoughts. Consider using slides as notes:

1. Each slide can be pre-built to collect the information desired

2. Later in the project, the notes become the presentation, so there is no loss of time.

Goto for pre-built slide templates.

A Digital Pop-Up Debate

1) Each student uses the research slides above to research a Pro v. Con Issue.

2) Create Teams of 3: 2 opponents + 1 Moderator (Use Flip-pity)

A) Click here to see Flippity

B) Click here to try Flippity

3) Opponents send 3 slides to moderator

4) Moderator creates 1 slide deck.

5) Begin the debate

Include Student Voice on Google Slides

When a student narrates their slide into vocaroo, their voice lives in the cloud. If a slide has the vocaroo QR code on it, anyone can scan the code and listen to the student narrate their slide.

1) Open

2) Record a narrative that describes a process on the slide

3) After recording, click Save, then Get QR Code

4) Right Click on the QR Code and Copy Image (or take a screenshot)

5) Paste the QR Code on the slide

Click Here for a video Tutorial of Voacroo

Research by the Numbers

Click Here to make a Copy of our Google Drawing InfoGraphic

Click Here for an example of Research by the Numbers

At an some point during the duration of a project, all learners need an opportunity to step back and reflect on what they have learned

along the way. Sometimes a moment of reflection leads to a breakthrough that propels a learner to the finish line on a project! This info-graphic was produced by Ryan O'Donnel (@Creativeedtech on Twitter) and can be used in many ways:

- Use this as a summary of research found about a project

- Use this as a summary of work engaged in by the group

- Use this as an important dates template for a historical project

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