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Monday, October 12, 2015 • 9:00AM & 11:00AM - Let's Shred

Room 305

Flip the Classroom Using Google Forms: Embed Videos, Images and Adaptive Assessments

Participants learn to embed video and images into Google Forms creating flipped learning modules, as well as, build adaptive assessments that auto-score student work!

- Build a Google Form with Embedded Video as direct instruction

- Create a note taking area within the Form

- Formatively check for understanding using multiple question types

- Redirect students to deepening resources based on incorrect answers

- Auto-Score formative assessment and auto-send student feedback


1) What is a Google Form?

Click Here for a sample Google Form

2) Where do the responses go?

Click Here to see a the response sheet attached to our sample form


In an effort to personalize and differentiate instruction, Google allows teachers to embed instruction directly in to a Google Form by way of a YouTube Video and then allow for independent practice as well as checking for understanding all in one form.

  • Click Here to View a Flipped Lesson embedded into Google Forms
  • Click Here to view a Flipped Lesson Response Form with AutoScore and Automated Feedback Features.

Step 1 - Build the Flipped Form

Below are some tips on items you might want to include when building your Google Form:

  • Click Here for some slick tips and tricks to building custom forms
  • Customize the Theme, Insert PageBreak, Validate Text Response, Insert Videos, Insert Images

Step 2 - Redirecting with Adaptive Test Building

Use the Links below to set-up an adaptive test:

  • Click Here to learn how to Map an Adaptive Assessment.
  • If a student gets a question wrong, re-direct them to more input.
  • If a student gets a question wrong a second time, ask them in a a different manner to explain their thinking.
  • Click Here to learn to build the Adaptive Assessment into a Google Form

Step 3 - Set up AutoScoring and AutoGenerated Feedback

1. Click here for directions to set up Flubaroo.

2. Build Form, (You can copy this form for practice) Launch Response Sheet

3. Take your own quiz to create answer key

4. Goto response sheet, click Add-on, Flubaroo> Advanced> Enable AutoGrade

5. Follow the step set up.

6. Launch quiz with participants

Click here to view an alternate method for offering students feedback. In this method, a teacher can type feedback directly into the response sheet, then mail merge the feedback to the students via email.

Please Click Here to complete an evaluation for today's session.


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