Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print

Have you dreamed of printing wirelessly but can't imagine having to scratch together enough classroom funds to buy a brand new printer? Maybe you just got an iPad and are looking for an easy way to print without buying an AirPrinter. For the solutions and more, Google Cloud Print may be a possible answer, and if not, the price won't set you back, because it is free and works with the equipment you already have.

Below these two videos are step by step instructions on how to set up Google Cloud Printing.

Happy Printing.

This video may open your eyes to the possibilities of wireless printing through your Chrome browser, adding printers to your Google account and sharing printers with your friends and colleagues!

This Video will walk you through the steps of adding a printer to your Google Account through your Chrome browser and Google Cloud Print.

Step by Step Instructions to Using Google Cloud Print

Adding Printers

Step 1:

Find a computer that has a printer connected to it already. It could be a desktop printer or a network printer, just as long as the computer is already mapped to a printer, you are in business. The computer must have internet and a Chrome browser.

NOTE: If you select a computer that is mapped to more than one printer, you will capture them all and be able to print to each of them. If you ever want to delete a printer, you can easily do so in the "Print Manager."

Step 2: Open the Chrome Browser...

Step 3:In the top right corner of the screen, click the (three horizontal lines) drop down menu and click on settings.

Step 4:Click on Advanced Settings

Step 5:Click Add Printers.

When you click this, all the printers that are mapped to this computer will be saved in your Google Account through Google Cloud print. Once this is done, as long as this computer is turned on, and on the internet, you can go to a Chrome browser from anywhere in the world, and print back to this computer/printer.

Step 6:Confirm your request. You will see that Chrome will recognize who you are logged in as in the second line of text on this pop-up screen. As long as this is you, click "Add Printers" to allow the printers associated with this computer to be mapped to the Google account being displayed.

Step 7:Congratulations, you have added printers to your Google Cloud Account. You may now click Manage Printers to see which printers you have associated with your Google Account.


Now that you have associated this printer with your Google Account through the Chrome browser and Google Cloud Print: you can print from any internet device as long as:

1) You are using a Chrome Browser and printing from Chrome.

2) The Computer is on the internet.

3) The Computer and Printer are bothturned on.

Managing Printers

Step 1:Once you have added printers, you can click on each of them, type in a new name and click "Rename." This will help you greatly if you have captured multiple printers from multiple computers in multiple locations.

Step 2:If you have more than one Google Account, you don't need to continue to recapture printers from the same computer: just click the share button to share this printer with your other accounts or with friends and colleagues.

Once you click share, you can enter names of people who may share this printer.

Note:You may log on to several computers and capture several printers. When you log into Google Cloud Print, you will select the printer that you wish to print to, and as long as it and its associated computer are powered up and the computer is on the internet, you may print.

How to Print

Step 1:As long as you are in your Chrome browser you may print using Google Cloud Print. For example you can click print straight from this Google Doc.

Also from any website, you can select print from the Chrome drop down menu in the top right corner.

Step 2: The print job will default to either your most recently used printer or your local printer. Click the "Change" button to switch to one of your Google Cloud Printers.

Step 3:Under the heading "Google Cloud Print," click "Show All" to view all the printers associated with this Google Account.

Step 4:Select the printer that you would like to print to - remember, the printer and its associated computer must be turned on and the computer must be on the internet.

Step 5:Click Print.

NOTE: If you are wondering how to print a Word Doc for example - just drag and drop it into your Google Drive and you can then view it through Chrome and Print through Google Cloud Print!

Happy Printing!