Search for an available custom URL from Google Domains then redirect to any website. Create quick access to a Google Site or use a custom URL for your classroom site.

1) Build a Google Site.

Once you have built your site, you'll recognize the URL is just too long to describe to anyone! Below we'll learn to purchase a custom URL, and just point it to this site!

2) Search for and purchase a Custom URL from Google Domains

Head over to Google Domains, search for a site name that you love, then buy if typically for $1 a month!

Goto domains.google.com

Click on "Search Domains"

Search for a site and add it to your cart!

3) Point the Site at the Google Site

Once you have purchased the site, you have the option to build a site or simply forward all traffic to a site you have already built.

Click on the option to forward the site, and then enter the site URL from the site you built!

Bonus Feature

Have you ever wondered why some sites have a cool little icon on the tab or on the Bookmark Bar, but your Google Site just has the boring old "Sites Icon?" Well, that is called a favicon (I think it means "Favorite Icon") and it is SUPER easy to create!

1) Goto http://www.favicon.cc/

2) Upload an image - Click Create Favicon

3) Download the Favicon

4) Upload the Favicon to your GoogleSite

Goto Manage Site > Attachments > Click Upload

As soon as you Upload the Favicon it will appear on your tab!




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