Custom Search & Digital Portfolios

Tuesday, July 7 • 10:00am & 2:00pm

As the Common Core demands student Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Google will help teachers build a safe platform for this to take place. In this session, teachers will build a custom search engine, allowing students to search only those sites and blogs that the teacher deems appropriate to the topic, then place this search engine on a Google Site shared with the students. Participants will learn to grant each student a web p

age as a digital portfolio to present knowledge in the form of writings, slides, videos and more. This session is best suited for intermediate users.


Imagine building one site, with all your favorite links: it could include your syllabus, a link to your teacher website, folders full of handouts that can be continuously filled throughout the year with new materials, a calendar with pertinent class info on it, and a way to communicate a daily message that will keep expectations clear for all your students. Then imagine sharing that website with every student, as their own home page. From there, students can add content like pages of notes, pages that house ongoing projects, etc.

Click Here to View a Demo Student Portfolio Site

Step 1 - Build the Master Site

Below are some tips on items you might want to include when building your site:

  • Click Here to learn to Build a custom search engine
  • Click Here to learn to Embed the Custom Search on your website
  • Click Here to see how to Add a GoogleDoc, a Google Presentation and a Shared Calendar to the home page
  • Click Here to lean to Add an announcement template page to act as a student Blog

Step 2 - Train your Admin

Use the Links below to Train your Admin:

  • Click Here to learn how you turn on Sites for students, but not allow them to create sites of their own. With this feature, students can only edit sites that you create and share with them.
  • Click Here to see how to keep these student websites from being viewed by the public.

Step 3 - Duplicate and Share your Site using Site Maestro

Using an AddOn called Site Maestro, you can take your master site, duplicate and distribute unique copies of it to each of your students so that they may edit and add to it as there own site.

Next Steps - What can Students do with a Site?

  • Blog in a safe setting and receive feedback from the teacher
  • Add their own calendar so the can simultaneously view the class calendar and post tasks to their own!
  • Create pages for Unit notes, outcomes, projects and more.


CapCue Board Member

CUE Lead Learner

Google Certified Teacher

  • Click here for step by step instructions to using Site Maestro