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A gentleman's game, but not a gentle game


2017 Schedule        Our 14th season
HOME - see specific locations below
DATE                 LOCATION                  ADVERSARIES                        
Sun, April 2    Bubble Dome, Rochester, spring practice

Sat, May 20    HOME  vs. Lanesboro Excelsiors and Roosters BBC
                           at Old Hickory Park, La Crescent

Sun, June 4    Milwaukee vs. multiple teams

Sat, June 10   HOME  vs. Quicksteps and Rum River Rovers
                            at Abnet Field north, La Crescent

Sat, June 24    Lewiston MN vs Lanesboro Excesiors 

Sun, June 25  Highland Prairie MN vs Lanesboro Excelsiors
                          and HP Hayseeds
Sun, July 9     Mankato MN vs. Rum River, Northfield, and Baltics

Sat, July 15    Rochester MN vs. Roosters and Menomonie

Sat, July 22    Stillwater MN vs. multiple teams

Sat, Aug 12     Rochester Days of Yesteryear vs Roosters BBC 

Sat, Aug 19     HOME vs Afton and Capitol City (Madison)
                            at Abnet Field north, La Crescent

Sat, Aug 26     Dyersville IA-Field of Dreams Movie Site  

Sun, Sep 10     Highland Prairie  vs  Lanesboro Excelsiors 
                         and HP Hayseeds

Sat, Sept 16    HOME-Applefest vs. Roosters & Hayseeds
                            at Eagle Field #1, La Crescent

Sat, Sept 23    Arlington MN vs. Arlington Greys & Quicksteps

Sat, Oct 14     Frontenac MN vs multiple teams
Members of the Apple Jacks also play as members of the Union Base Ball Club of Minnesota.

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Hurrah to Heather Armstrong!


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Prior to the Civil War, base ball was a new game and rules developed over time.  By 1860 there were many base ball clubs east of the Mississippi and the sport was growing.  On March 14, 1860 in New York, the National Association of Base-Ball Players adopted 38 rules as written down by Henry Chadwick and published in Beadle's Dime Base-Ball Player: A Compendium of the Game, Comprising Elementary Instructions of this American Game of Ball.  Click on this link to see all 38 Rules of 1860
Elements of 1860s base ball:

·     The pitcher does not wind up; he throws underhanded, actually pitching (like horseshoes) to get the player to hit.  “Hurler” was not used until 1906.

·     The ball is 9-3/4 to 10 inches in circumference and stitched leather.

·     Bats are round and wood, mostly ash or maple.

·     No gloves are used – fielding gloves were not introduced until 1875.

·     Bases are often made of canvas and filled with sand.

·     The Umpire does not call balls and strikes, but 3 misses is an out.

·     A striker or batsman (batter) is not walked.

·     There is no bunting – it wasn’t part of the game until 1886.

·     A ball may be caught on a fly or first bound (bounce) for an out; a foul ball or foul tip caught on a fly or first bound is an out.

·     A base runner is not tagged; he is “touched with the ball.”

·     A run is also called an “ace.”

Our custom is for players to politely ask the scorekeeper to record their ace; the players then ring a bell to signify their feat
(Photo: Jim "Scoop" Schupbach rings the bell). 

Spectators should cheer for good play
from both clubs.
Spitting, swearing, and wagering
are not allowed.

To learn more, click on the Vintage Base Ball Association's website about rules and customs:  The VBBA 

Apple Jacks Base Ball Club of La Crescent - Established 2004


The Apple Jacks Base Ball Club is a community outreach program of the
La Crescent (MN) Area Historical Society

Bill "Ho-hum" Ohm presents to Jay Friedl of Merchants Bank a bat signed by all the Apple Jacks players and personnel commemorating their 10th season and the importance of Merchants Bank's sponsorship.

Merchants Bank-La Crescent has been the corporate sponsor since the Club's founding in 2004.
The Apple Jacks Vintage Base Ball Club is a member of the Vintage Base Ball Association (VBBA) and the Union BBC of Minnesota (all Minnesota clubs).

Joel "Hefty" Affeldt

Bill "Ho-Hum" Ohm

Lady Joan Ohm

Prince Peter Petersilie

Mary McLaughlin

Prince Peter Petersilie  and Lady Joan Ohm