Stories for Toddlers & Kids

The Beginner Reader Series, is a series of books for children who are just learning to read. If your child can read most two letter words, many three letter words and a few four letter words, they are ready to tackle these books on their own. The books will help them build their confidence as well a learn a few new words.

The Toast Series: A picture book series for babies and toddlers.

Other short stories:

The Boy In The Cupboard: A short story form the Tania universe PDF  HTML

Sharing is fun: A fun bedtime story for toddlers with a message PDF

The New Girl: A story for 3 to 7 year old kids about friendship PDF

Kate has lots of shoes. She loves them all. Well... All except a pair of pretty yellow sandals. She wants to throw the sandals away, but Mama won't let her do that. So she is very mean to the sandals. Then one day she needs them for her Princess Lemon costume. But in a fit of anger she has thrown the shoes away. Will she get to be Princess Lemon? What happens to the poor yellow shoes? Are they squashed by a trash compacter? Read on to find out ...

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Neha has just returned from a long vacation. Her friends give her a warm welcome. But in the time she was gone, a new family has moved in to the housing society and her friends have issues with the new kid. Neha wants to be friendly with him, but will her old friends tolerate that, or will she lose her old friends in making a new one? Read on to find out.

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