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I always wanted to be a writer and I always wanted to be a scientist. So I spent 10 years being a physicist. I did a doctorate in theoretical physics from Washington State University. After my older daughter turned 2, I started writing children's books. I wanted to get her interested in books. I searched for some, but my laziness got the better of me and I decided to write some instead. I knew her interests and so I wrote stories about animals and cooking.

Before I knew it, my old love for writing was rekindled and I continued to write more stories. After having written a few stories I decided to publish. I was shy to start out, so I used the pen name Kanika G. But this alternate identity has taken over and I enjoy having it, so that is how you will know me.

I wrote the first few stories of the Tania Series just to entertain my daughter and the character was inspired by her. But I grew to love the character Tania and she took on a life of her own. As Tania grew in the series I grew as a writer. The books in the Tania Series are available for purchase as paperbacks in addition to being available as free ebooks.

I also started writing for some parenting blogging platforms.

Then I had a second baby girl. I did not want her to feel left out, so I wrote a series of picture books, 'The Misadventures of Little Toast' where the central character is inspired by my younger daughter.

Now that my older one is learning to read, I have written several stories in the beginner reader series, that toddlers learning to read, can read on their own. Additionally, I have written some short stories, outside the Tania Series.

I have discovered that I really enjoy writing and plan to do a lot more of it. Who knows where my imagination will take me in the future. But you can always find out here on this site.

A big thank you to Maria Schneider from Bear Mountain Books helped me get started in self-publishing and shared many useful tips. Also thanks Danielle for your encouragement and tips and freekidsbooks for making my books popular.

My books are created using calibre and published without DRM. You may tweak your personal copy using calibre's ebook editor. You can even make changes to the content in your personal copy like names of characters to make the stories more personal and meaningful to your children.

A big thank you to openclipart and pdclipart for making their images freely available. Many of the images in my books are obtained from these websites.

To know more about me check out this in-depth interview

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