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Parent friendly stories for children!

posted Dec 20, 2015, 3:07 AM by Kanika G   [ updated Dec 20, 2015, 3:08 AM ]
If you read to your toddler often, you will know that toddlers love repetition. It is how they learn. They want to hear the same stories over and over and over again, even after they can recite them.

At the same time a lot of children's literature, particularly those aimed at toddlers is fairly simplistic, especially in vocabulary. I have many virtues, but patience is not my strong suit. I have improved significantly since I had a kid but, I would find it absolutely mind numbing to read simplistic stories over and over again to my daughter. I would all but tear my hair.

On the other hand I found that she could not follow complicated plots. So what else was there but to read simplistic stories to her? Then one day I figured out that she could follow a story with fairly sophisticated vocabulary as long as the plot was simple and did not have too many twists.

In writing the Tania Series I used words that best suited the story. I did not deliberately try to simplify the language. I found my daughter would follow the story fairly well, although she did not understand every word. I realized that, language has a lot of redundancy. Your child can get the gist of a story without needing to understand every word in it. In fact it is an important skill to get the big picture without understanding every detail. However after reading the story a few times, my daughter began to understand the unfamiliar words from context.

There were two wonderful outcomes. The first was that, my daughter was learning lots of new words, and the second was that, it was not nearly as annoying for me to read these stories over and over again. With the vocabulary being sophisticated, the repetition felt more tolerable.

So the Tania books are not written with just little kids in mind, but also sparing a thought for w
onderful parents who read to their kids regularly and indulge them by reading the same stories over and over again.

And the stories, which are simple plausible experiences of a preschool girl will be quite accessible to your little one. The plots are chosen so young children can easily relate to them. There is plenty of dialogue to engage them. The ideas are presented using simple clear logic to help kids learn to think logically.

The subjects explored are anything that would interest a little kid including but not limited to art, craft, birthday parties, pets, vacations, festivals, exciting science experiments, school picnics, fun and plausible adventures. Some stories are about issues that young children have to deal with, like losing teeth, keeping promises, teasing, learning values and such. Others are about kids using their creativity and ingenuity to undertake enterprising projects.

I have written these stories based on my own childhood experiences and my daughter's experiences. I write them to entertain my kids and expose them to the many possibilities the world presents, while making them palatable for me to read over and over again.

Most of the Tania books are available as free ebooks because I believe children should have easy access to reading material. With the holidays coming up, what better way to entertain your kids and bond with them. Download a copy and start reading together. If you prefer print, paperbacks are available too! These are some of the latest Tania titles.

I also write a picture book series for babies called the Misadventures Of Little Toast. While these stories are very simple and can be enjoyed by babies and toddlers, some of the humour is a subtle play on words so parents can enjoy them too.

Hope you and your kids find them entertaining. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.