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Surviving The Summer With A Couple Of Cartoons

posted May 5, 2016, 5:54 AM by Kanika G   [ updated May 5, 2016, 10:13 PM ]





No it's not a tennis match where the ball has just found its voice.

That is the sound of summer holidays. School is closed and the sisters are spending quality time together. Now wait for it... And here it comes ...

OUUUUCHHH. Waaaaah, mama she is pulling hair.”

Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo

Yes my younger one actually cries boohoo. I used to think the gaga gooo and boo hoo were just cartoon characterizations of baby sounds, but my younger one proved that inspiration must come from somewhere.

Remember how Sippity Sam from the bugs bunny cartoons, jumped up and down in rage. My younger one does a slightly more adorable version of it. When she wants something, but cant convey it (she speaks very few words right now), she jiggles her whole body as she jogs in place in frustration. If I burst out laughing, it certainly does not help matters.

Anyway, I better to do something, or they'll both be bald from pulling each others hair out. So I invite them to help me make pancakes in the kitchen.

The older one is thrilled. Anyway it is not like either of them remember why they were fighting in the first place. So the older one skips off to the kitchen. The younger one follows.

They stand on a stool so they can reach the counter. I got a stool large enough to accommodate both of them. But does that do me any good? No Siree! They are now fighting for the prime spot on the stool, one which is closer to the mixing bowl. I get a chair and place it on the other side of me, so now they can stand at the same distance away from the mixing bowl on either side of me. This way they cant pinch and pull each others hair. Added bonus! All three of us hold the electric hand mixer to make the batter.

I am thrilled we make it through breakfast without further ado. Then after a bath the younger one wants to wear the older one's clothes. I give her something the older one has outgrown and manage to diffuse the brewing storm.

Thank goodness I planned a visit to the Nehru Science Centre. Aah, now they look like angels walking out of the elevator holding hands.

The science centre is the perfect place to take the kids to, in the midst of the sweltering hot summer. It is indoors and spacious. There is so much to see and do there. The girls are fascinated. I am too. There are exhibits to interest people of all ages.

I make them walk around pushing buttons and pulling levers on various exhibits. I explain some of the exhibits to the older one and the rest are like magic to her. The younger one thinks she has hit the jackpot of toys. They have a grand time exploring the place for a couple of hours.

The mirrors exhibit with the myriad optical illusions cleverly created makes them squeal with delight. The piano you can walk on, in the sound section is thrilling. The girls keep running up and down it making anything but music, but their expressions are of unadulterated joy. There is a virtual drum set too. Hooray! Recently the centre has added a dinosaur and climate change exhibit that the older one enjoyed.

There is a play area outside with swings and more science exhibits. We spend another half an hour there.

By the time we get home the girls are hungry and exhausted. They eat their lunch without the slightest fuss and before I even have the chance to mention afternoon naps, they are fast asleep.

I am one happy mommy. Tomorrow we are going to the beach. That should tire them out good and proper. Oh I forgot to mention. We have been going to the beach quite often now. My younger one is completely over her fear of dirt and sand . Now she likes to lie down on the sand and roll around!