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A Play To Celebrate Friendship Day

posted Aug 7, 2016, 1:00 AM by Kanika G
Suitable for ages 3 to 6

My Friends Don't Like Me Any More

Natasha merrily makes her way to the play area. From a distance, she can see all her friends are huddled together. They are talking about something in whispers.

Natasha: I wonder what they are talking about. Sounds exciting. May be Neha's dog, Sera, finally had her puppies.

Action -- But as soon as Natasha nears the play area, Nikhil points at her and says something to the others. They all stop their discussion and scatter.

Neha: (A big smile plastered on her face) Oh hi Natasha

Natasha: What were you all talking about?

Action -- They all hesitate.

Vikas: (cheerily) Hey you brought a basket ball. Lets have a game.

Natasha: Sure. But, what were you all talking about when I got here?

Nikhil: Oh nothing. We were just waiting for you to come, and Vikas was telling us about a some carpentry his father is teaching him.

Neha: Come on now. Lets play a game.

Natasha: Okay fine. Lets make teams.

Narrator: But Natasha is not satisfied.

Natasha: I wonder what is going on.Why wont they tell me? (out loud) Hey Neha, how is Sera doing?

Neha: (looking very startled) Um.. she is okay. Quite fat.

Action- Vikas starts giggling. Natasha is puzzled. Seeing her expression Nikhil and Neha started laughing too.

Natasha: What's so funny?

Neha: (still giggling and looking excited): Fat dogs look funny.

Natasha: Look at the way they are giggling and looking at each other. I know they have a secret. Why wont they tell me their secret?

When the kids manage to stop laughing, they resume their game.

When they finish the game Natasha remembers, that there is something she wants to tell them. Because of their strange behavior she had forgotten all about it.

Natasha: Hey everyone. I wanted to tell you something. I won the state level drawing competition. Isn't that awesome?

Nikhil: Oh really?

Vikas: Cool

Neha: : How nice.

Natasha is confused. She had expected her friends to be excited and happy for her. She had expected a few pats on her back and some hugs. But this lukewarm response makes her feel disappointed.

Have I done something to make them angry? Why are they being so cold? They have a secret. I know they have a secret. But why wont they tell me?

Vikas: Natasha. Hello Natasha. Why are you staring?

Natasha: Huh! What? What happened?

Nikhil: We were just all leaving to go home, but you seemed lost in another world. Are you okay?

Natasha: Yes. Yes, I am fine. Bye then. See you tomorrow.

Scene change. The dinner table in Natasha's house.

Narrator: That evening Natasha talks to her mother at dinner time.

Natasha: Mama, my friends don't seem to like me any more.

Mama: Why do you say that sweetie?

Natasha: They wont tell me in their secret and they hardly seemed to care that I won the state level drawing competition.

Mama: I am sure there is some misunderstanding Natasha. Have faith in your friends. Things are not always what they seem.

Natasha: Okay. I'll try talking to them tomorrow, again.

Scene change

Narrator: The next day is Saturday. Natasha goes to Neha's house to see if she will come out to play.

Neha: (barely opening the door) Sorry, I am busy Natasha. I can't come right now.

Narrator: Natasha is hurt, but she goes to Nikhil's house to see if he wants to play. His mother opens the door.

Natasha: Aunty, can Nikhil some to play?

Nikhil's mother: Nikhil is doing a craft project for school. He can't play now sweetie.

Narrator: Vikas too is busy doing carpentry with his dad. Natasha feels sad and returns home.

Scene change -- At Natasha's home.

Mama: What happened Natasha? You look so sad.

Natasha: All my friends are busy. No one can come to play.

Mama: Okay baby I'll tell you what. You and I can go play table tennis in the clubhouse this afternoon. Will tat make you feel better?

Natasha : (shrugs) I suppose.

Scene change

Narrator: After lunch mama and Natasha take the table tennis racquets and a couple of balls and head for the club house.

Action -- As Natasha opens the club house door and steps in, there is no table tennis table. Instead there are tables laden with delicious treats and drinks and the whole room was decorated with balloons and a big picture of her. And just as she steps in her friends all jump out of the corners and yell SURPRISE!

Narrator: Wow! It looks like Natasha's friends are throwing her a surprise party. I wonder why?

Action -- Nikhil and Vikas run up to her.

Nikhil: Congratulations Natasha for winning the state championship. We are so proud of you.

Vikas: Yeah, congratulations Natasha. You are a super artist.

Neha: (hugging Natasha) Yes some day you will be so famous.

Natasha: I don't understand. When I told you, I won, you seemed like you did not care. Then I wanted to play with you all today morning, but you were all avoiding me. I thought you were mad at me.

Action -- Neha, Nikhil and Vikas, all start laughing.

Neha: We pretended not to care, so we wouldn't spoil the surprise by mistake, and this morning we were all getting our gifts ready for you.

Vikas: Here I made this dolls house chair for you. I know how much you love dolls furniture.

Nikhil: I made this cardboard frame. You can put the certificate you won, in it.

Mama: I made you this soft and pretty dog collar and leash.

Natasha: But I don't have a dog.

Neha: You do now. Sera had her puppies yesterday morning. This girl puppy, Sasha, is my gift to you. Sorry I lied to you yesterday. But I wanted this to be a surprise. We were so excited about giving you Sasha. So we couldn't stop giggling. When you came by this morning, I was bathing all the puppies and making them ready for the party.

Vikas: Yeah sorry I was polishing up the chair.

Nikhil: I was decorating the frame.

Neha: We were not trying to avoid you Natasha. We just wanted to get ready on time.

Action -- Natasha gives each of her friends a big hug.

Natasha: Thanks so much. These are such thoughtful gifts. I can't believe I have a puppy. I always wanted one. You are the best friends ever. I love you all. I am so glad you are not angry with me.

The kids had a great time playing with all the puppies. There were 4 of them. They also danced, ate cookies, cupcakes and mini pizzas, drank lemonade, played and talked. It was a wonderful surprise party.

Download in PDF format here.