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Celebrate Durga Puja With Me

posted Jun 14, 2016, 9:09 PM by Kanika G   [ updated Jun 15, 2016, 12:48 AM ]

This book by Shoumi Sen took me down memory lane to the excitement and magic of celebrating Durga puja as a child. The book is in verse which makes it great to read out loud to your child.

I resonated with the book, because just like little Riya, I thought of Durga puja as a grand celebration with family and friends, involving new clothes, visiting various pandals, eating bhog and watching the elaborate musical and theatrical entertainment. The book also succinctly tells the story of Durga puja, highlighting the uniqueness of each of the 5 days, and describes all the rituals like anjali and aarti that I loved participating in.

The illustrations are lively and colourful and beautifully capture the essence of this festival both inside and outside the pandal. The book is great to read to young children, to get them excited about Durga puja both in India and abroad. There are some Bengali phrases too, so the child can learn a little of the language of the region where this grand festival originated.

If you wish to purchase the book it is available on amazon. The book however, is expensive, in India.

This is the first book of a series called 'From The Toddler Diaries'. I look forward to more of Riya's celebrations.