A review of Celebrate Holi With Me By Shoumi Sen

Post date: Jan 16, 2017 3:46:06 AM

“Mama read it again!” The little one said, as we finished reading Celebrate Holi With Me, by Shoumi Sen. The book, written in rhyme, with cheerful illustrations by Abira Das, is great to introduce little ones to the rituals and significance of Holi.

My daughter was deeply concerned about the fate of Pralhad and relieved to eventually find out that he was unharmed by the evil Holika. She giggled when we reached the part about pichkaris and water balloons, and was curious about the malpoas.

The book is entertaining, informative and simple, achieving the trifecta, for capturing a toddler's attention. It is sure to make your child, as eager to celebrate Holi, as little Riya is.

The book can be purchased here.