Recurring Characters in the series:

  • Tania - The protagonist, a little girl in pre school
  • Kazoo - Tania's pet cat
  • Mama - Tania's mother Anisha Patel (name mentioned in Tania Makes Pancakes)
  • Papa - Tania's father
  • Sonia - Tania's baby sister
  • Tanisha - Tania's best friend
  • Trisha - Tanisha's older sister
  • Sonali, Karishma, Nikhil, Rajiv and Vivek - Tania's friends, class mates and members of the reading club "Bookworm Babies"
  • Miss Gupta - Tania's teacher

Other characters in the series:

  • Mrs. Wadia - A crochety old lady living in Tania's housing society
  • Miss John - Tania's art teacher