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Flitting Moments

posted Mar 15, 2017, 8:28 PM by Kanika G
Illustration by Pell G

Said Mr. P to Mrs. P
"Come dear, dance with me"
Said Mrs. P to Mr. P,
"I'm busy, can't you see?"

Said Mr. P to Mrs. P,
"But my lovely girl,
let's take this moment for ourselves
and swirl and whirl and twirl."

"Let's waltz and jive and tango
Let's cha-cha and foxtrot
For just a brief moment
let your troubles be forgot"

Asked Mrs. P, indignantly,
"But what of all my chores?
Who will cook and do the dishes?
Who will mop the floors?"

"Wife my dear, have no fear,
I'll wash every dish,
if you take the time to dance with me,
and let you skirt go swish"

"So when you're back to your chores,
in a little while
You can look back on this moment,
delight in it and smile"

Finally, Mrs. P gave in
She twirled and waltzed and swished
And later on Mr. P,
did the dishes as promised.