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What's good about Exams?

posted Nov 12, 2015, 12:49 AM by Kanika G   [ updated Nov 12, 2015, 11:37 PM ]

No I am not going to rant about how it is important to be tested on things you have learned so you can judge how well you have understood them. This is about something entirely different. It is about little challenges and how they make life sweeter.

Some of you probably have kids who just got done with exams and hated every minute of it. Well here is a little story for them.

When I was little it seemed to me that I only fell sick during fun times, like vacations, other holidays and birthdays. I would have a viral fever or a bad cold during the holidays and I would miss out on having fun. Whenever this happened I wished it would happen during the exams. That way I could miss the pesky exams instead.

Once I had high fever a couple of weeks before exams. But I recovered completely a few days before the exams started and I had to take them anyway. Just a little later and, I could have missed my exams. Sigh!

Well you know how they say 'Be careful what you wish for ...', or that 'When the gods want to punish you they grant your wishes'. I know exactly what they mean.

One year I had to have my appendix removed just a few days before the exams. After the operation the doctor ordered few weeks of bed rest. I was still in hospital when the exams started. Finally I was going to miss exams. I was happy.

When I got home, my friends were still taking the exams. So they were really busy. They couldn't come and hang out with me to cheer me up like they did when I fell sick during holidays. When they did make time to visit they would discuss who got what answer right or wrong in excitement and I'd feel left out. Missing the exams did not seem to be half as much fun as I thought it would be.

Worse, at the time when everyone was at the exam hall, my mom would tell me that if I felt up to it., I should study so I don't get left behind. I was old enough to feel guilty and I'd study. But it wasn't as focussed as studying for exams because the sense of urgency was missing. And somehow knowing all my friends were writing their exams I did not feel like studying just to enjoy learning either.

Finally when the exams got over, all my friends went crazy celebrating. And that was the worst. I did not feel the awesome 'End Of The Exams' rush. A feeling of well deserved rest and indulgence after having worked hard and made it through a tough patch. I had nothing to celebrate because I hadn't taken the exams. I could have joined my friends in their celebrations but it wasn't the least bit satisfying because I hadn't earned it.

My little ones are not old enough for exams yet. But one day, when they are cribbing about their exams and wishing for a way out of them I'll share this story with them. May be it will help them feel less frustrated with exams. I know that after this incident I never wanted to miss an exam again.