The Tania Series

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I started writing to entertain my daughter. I write stories with characters she can relate to. I use simple every day experiences for the plots that, though completely fictitious, could very well be true.
My daughter, Pell G, provides constructive criticism. She was a little over 2 years old, when I started. I read the books to her and delete, shorten or rewrite the parts where she looks bored. She helps me choose pictures. She enjoys being involved and encourages me to write more. She asks for the stories to be read to her repeatedly and is a wonderful trial audience. Writing these ebooks serves as an excellent way for us to spend time together.

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The Tania Series Ebooks

Book 4 of the Tania series

Book 8 of the Tania series

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Book 10 of the Tania series

Book 13 of the Tania series

This is a collection of 4 short stories featuring a pre-school girl named
Tania. Each story is an adorable adventure. Suitable for ages two
through five.
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Omnibus books 1 - 4 of Tania series

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Tania is growing up. She is becoming
more intelligent, creative, thoughtful and considerate. Read on to see how she
tackles the challenges she encounters.
The stories are suitable to be read to
children of ages 3 to 7.
Omnibus books 5 & 6 of the Tania series

Book 11 of the Tania series

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