Covering (most of) Western/Northern Virginia From Winchester & Front Royal in the West to Warrenton & Manassas in the East to Harpers Ferry, W(by God)V in the North and everything in between.

Normal Hash Schedule

Hillbilly Hash has trails on Sundays with an even-numbered date (24 May, 14 June, 28 June etc). Hash meets around 1169 (aka 1209 PM), with Hares away 1245-ish and Pack away 100-ish. Hillbilly trails are usually A to A, with plenty o' shiggy. Be sure to bring a dry bag and change of shoes.

Check out our next trail here: Next Trail Info

Next Trail is scheduled for 24 May 2020. As has become the usual, trail will be asynchronous - with no official circles or grouping in person.

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Hillbilly Hash House Harriers Genealogy

On a blustery February day (28 Feb, 2009) four fearless founders started the Hillbilly Hash House Harriers. The brave souls to be committed to history are Occifer Ass Baton, Reflection Erection, Taste The Rainblow and Sour Snatch My Rubber Back.

Hillbilly H3 (28 Feb, 2009) < cHARLOTtesville (31 Dec, 1984) < Colombo H3 (Sri Lanka)(19 April, 1980) < Bangkok H3 (11 June, 1977) < Washington DC H3 (23 May, 1972) < Kuala Lumpur H3 (Mother Hash) (30 Nov, 1938)

Hillbilly Hash House Harriers Song Tradition

Instead of singing "Swing Low" to close circle, we sing "The Ballad Of Jed Hillbilly".

The Ballad Of Jed Hillbilly - contributed by Occifer Ass Baton

Come and listen to a story 'bout a Hasher named Jed,

Bored with his life and wants to be dead.

Then one day he had five bucks in cash,

Heard some people runnin’ and talkin’ ‘bout a Hash.

Hashing that is, Red Dresses and White Flour!

Well, first thing you know Jed’s singin’ Yogi Bear,

His kin folk said, “Jed move away from there!”

He said, “Shenandoah is the place you want to be!”

So they packed up the truck and moved to Hillbilly.

Hash that is, shiggy trails, ice cold beer!

Well now it’s time to say goodbye and head to the On-In,

We would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in.

You’re all invited back again to this locality

To have a heaping helping of our silly frivolity!

Hillbilly Hashers, that’s what they call ‘em now.

Strange folks. Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?

Hillbilly Hash House Harriers Dog Tag Tradition

Once a Hasher has earned a name, or a named Hasher has Hashed with us 10 times (Haring 2 of those 10), that lucky person earns a dog tag. When the dog tag is bestowed, the diligent Hasher is asked to repeat the Hillbilly H3 Pledge.

I pledge allegiance to the kennel of the Hillbilly Hash House Harriers,

And to the debauchery for which it stands,

Every Sunday, under kin, intoxicated,

With shiggy and beer for all!