This is a very easy recipe, I am going to post directions to this as I am not sure there is  a recipe.  I sat at the kitchen table watching Momma make this daily and she used what she had in the kitchen.

I start with a pint jar.  I peel the tomatoes, using the boiling water method or just pulling the skin from the tomatoes.  Chopping and/or slicing, I fill the jar with tomatoes, working them to release their juice.  To the juice I add salt, pepper, sugar and vinegar to taste.  

The vinegar can be wine or cider, I have been using white wine vinegar adding about 1 tablespoon to the tomato mixture.  Place in the fridge to chill.  Enjoy!!!

I always go through my basket of tomatoes to get the ripest ones.  The riper the tomato the better this tastes.