Updated on date: 11-09-2019

Development Education (International) Society is an NGO in Pune , India that has worked since about 1994 to try and build entrepreneurial culture in India.

This was attempted through a series of Radio and TV programmes called UDYOG SADHANA (Enterprise Development ) targeted for unemployed youth in age group of 18 yrs +. Almost 85 000 audience responded to the programmes and of these , through Workshops, Training etc about 10,000 were successfully converted into self employed small enterprises.

Please see website for general details of DEIS and these programmes.

However, it was realised that trying to solve unemployment problem when the youth are already adults and out of school is perhaps too late.

The learning of the UDYOG SADHANA programmes , was therefore converted into teaching lessons for school children.

The programme drawn up for schoolchildren is accepted by PSS Central Institue of Vocational Education, NCERT, Bhopal, India as guidelines for all over India.

A number of Trainers Training programmes sponsored by Department of Science & Technology's Nationals Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), as also Small Industries Development Bank of India, (SIDBI); National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) ; Maharashtra Bank Self Employment Training Institute (MSETI) etc were conducted all over India and these teaching materials are thus fairly dispersed in Institutions that value them.

In July 2019, Dr. Pradeep Wagh, Secretary DEIS was on a visit to Nepal through Rotary. Here he addressed teachers on the subject of ENTERPRISE EDUCATION for school children.

There was quite some interest in the subject and it was felt that a detailed TRAINERS TRAINING in ENTERPRISE EDUCATION could be conducted for some teachers from Nepal.

Current Project then builds around this possibility.

We at DEIS are also simultaneously trying to examine if funding can be done through some ROTARY Club sources in either country.

And when the TTEE becomes feasible for Nepal teachers, we shall offer same time TTEE for teachers/Trainers from India, Sri Lanka and any other country interested.

1. Syllabus for TTEE training :

Given on website

While all levels including Primary, Upper Primary will be introduced, stronger emphasis shall be placed on the SECONDARY/HIGHER SECONDARY level.

2. Place of TTEE Training:

C/o Dr. Pradeep Wagh,

Development Education (International) Society, DEIS

Prabhat House, Damle Path, Law College Road, Pune 411004, India


alternate email:

3. Trainees:

3.1 Number of trainees : 15 to 30 ( male or female)

3.2 Qualification: Graduate with experience / interest in teaching school children. School teachers of any qualification as accepted by their respective school systems will also be good. Volunteers who do literacy projects, social workers etc.

3.3 Language Proficiency: English ( must) . Other languages Hindi, Marathi could be additional .

3.4 Duration: 3 full days training plus 2 days of transit i.e. total 5 days in Pune.

3.5 On completion of training these trainees are expected to become trained trainers to conduct similar training for teachers and volunteers in their respective countries/towns /schools etc.

4. Training Details (tentative): This training will be based on extensive research and experience of Rtn. Dr. Pradeep Wagh and his NGO – Development Education (International) Society, DEIS. Some topics that may be included are:

4.1 Need for Enterprise Education in school children

4.2 Co-relating brain functions and EE

4.3 Concepts and Skills of EE

4.4 EE at various levels of school viz primary and secondary

4.5 Sample lessons on how to teach EE

Details of lessons available at:

4.6 Introduction to using mass media for EE

5. Travel and Stay:

5.1 Trainees are expected to arrange their own travel through their own institution, Rotary or other sources.

Depending on funds raised by DEIS , some Trainees could be offered travel/air-fares partly.

5.2 Stay arrangements: These can be made for a double or on a triple sharing basis in hotels in Pune.

5.3 Food arrangements: Trainees are expected to come with some provision for food and other out of pocket expenses.

6. Attendance Certificate: An attendance certificate will be issued by DEIS and sponsoring agency, if any.

7. Selection of trainees: Where the trainees come through ROTARY Clubs, the local clubs or local institutions deputing the trainee shall do any background check of suitability, nature, habits, language proficiency, motivation level etc. of the candidate.

Some trainees may apply directly also after the programme is announced.

If needed, then using skype, whatsapp etc. an oral technical interview with DEIS could be done for final selection.

8. Financials:

8.1 Travel to and fro to Pune: to be taken care of by Trainee or availed from funds that may be raised. Pune is well connected by rail, road and air to all major Metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta.

Budget Average Travel per person INR 25,000 = USD 350/- per person (this may vary depending on place from where the trainee is coming. Depending on funds raised, some Trainees could be offered travel/air-fares, fully or partly).

8.2 Local Stay: On double or triple sharing basis .

Estimated cost : INR 3000 per person per day =INR Rs. 15,000 per person = USD 200 per person

8.3 Food and out of pocket expenses:

Expected to be INR 1400 per day X 5 days = INR 7000 per trainee= USD 100 per person

8.4 Tuition fees: INR 7000/per trainee for 3 days training inclusive of the teaching handouts.= USD 100/= per person.

8.5 Any other expenses over and above this to be taken care of by the Trainees themselves.

8.6 Total per Trainee = (SUM of 8.1 to 8.5) = INR 54000 per trainee= USD 750/-per person.

For 30 Trainees = USD 22500

Contingency = USD 2500


9. Registration:

Interested candidates may send their Expression of Interest by email to:; with copy to

As and when the programme is announced they will be intimated.